Are You Covered if You Borrow Your Friend’s Car?

We get this question everyday from our clients. “My sister is coming to town from Florida, can she drive my car?” The answer could be yes or it could be no.

How often will she use the car?

If your sister is coming to town and just visiting for a week or two, yes, she is covered to drive your car. Insurance follows the car. So if she has an accident, your insurance company will pay to fix the car. Now, if your sister is visiting for six months and is going to use your car everyday back and forth to work, she most likely should be added as a driver on your policy. This way, the insurance company knows about her and if she is a good driver and doesn’t have any tickets or accidents, it shouldn’t cost too much money to add her on for the six months.

Why is She Using the Car?

Now, if your sister is coming to town for 6 months and going to using your car to be an UBER driver part time, the answer is no! First of all, anyone using a car for business use and/or to make money, there is NO coverage under a personal automobile policy. She would have to buy a commercial automobile policy for her business.

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