Trees and Insurance

If A Tree Falls On My House, Am I covered?

The short answer is yes! If a tree hits your house or any other structure on your property, such as a garage or shed or fence, it’s covered! This includes trees that fall due to wind, lightning or hail.

It doesn’t matter who owns the tree, if it lands on your house, your insurance company will cover it. After a big storm, the insurance company is not going to try and figure out where the tree came from.

In some situations, if the tree wasn’t maintained, or dead, the insurance company may try and subrogate, meaning collect from the other insurance company. If they are successful, the insured may get their deductible reimbursed.

If a tree falls and hits something, such as your fencing, there is coverage to remove the tree as well as fix the fencing. If the tree just falls and doesn’t hit anything, there is no coverage to remove the tree. However, some insurance company will pay for the removal of the tree if its blocking a driveway or handicapped ramp.

Some home insurance policies will provide coverage for damage to trees or shrubs due to fire, lightning, vehicles or theft.

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